Maritime and naval science (Naval Academy)

The Degree Program in Maritime and naval science is managed by the Naval Academy and has a limited access.

In order to enroll, students must pass a selection.

The admission test is for Law and Maritime and naval science.

The call and further information for the academic year 2022/2023 will be published in the coming weeks.

The call and all information relating to the academic year 2022/2023 will be published shortly


Selection Committee


3 places for EU and equated non EU citizens

Maritime and naval science

6 places for EU and equated non EU citizens

Sign up or log in to the Alice portal by the date which is to be defined:

  1. In order to sign up you will be asked to insert details about your Health Insurance card (tessera sanitaria) and your tax code (codice fiscale)
  2. You will have to upload a scanned copy of your Identity Document and a passport-sized photograph
  3. Once you entered your personal area, please select “Secretariat” and then “Admission Test”
  4. Once you have completed the registration, a receipt of registration to the admission test with a unique number will be available
  5. Please remember to insert your High school final grade by the deadline

  • The admission test fee of €30 must be paid by the date which is to be defined
  • You can find it in the Tax section on Alice portal
  • Admission to test is subject to the admission test fee payment. Please see all the details.

The exam is unique for both degree courses and consists of an oral interview, with at least three questions in each of the following areas: mathematics, logic, and general culture.

The interview:

  • will take place electronically using Teams software, Skype or similar platforms at the discretion of the Commission;
  • will last 15 minutes;
  • the test result is determined by assigning 10 points for each correct answer and subtracting 5 points for each incorrect answer. No answer equals zero points.

Ranking list 

Enrollment procedure is detailed in the How to enroll section

Enrollment guide

Deadlines are included in the ranking list

Successful candidates with a score inferior to 18/30 in mathematics will have to attend mathematics classes, as defined by the Naval Academy of Livorno.


Please find more details about study programmes and career opportunities at Degree Program web page.

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