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The “STUDENTE DELLA TOSCANA” card is a magnetic card for all enrolled students of the Universities in Tuscany, regardless of the university seat. It allows students to access to all services and facilities provided by the Diritto allo Studio Universitario – ARDSU (the Regional Agency for the Right to Higher Education).

The student card, a device with Radio Frequency Identification (Rfid) and magnetic stripe, will allow to access to all university services and facilities, such as the university canteens in Tuscany provided by ARDSU Toscana; it will also be used as “electronic wallet”.

In the event of loss, students must immediately notify the public security authorities and the University.

After the enrolment completion and the ID and FORIM validation, first-year students will be allowed to arrange an appointment through the Virtual Desk and physically collect their student card from 22 September to 2 December 2021.

After that date, all cards not collected by enrolled students will be mailed to the Italian address (permanent or temporary address) provided on their enrollment application. The student card will be immediately enabled to access to the university canteens except for temporary card issued by the DSU desk in Pisa that will require the online enabling ATTIVAZIONE ONLINE TESSERA STUDENTE DELLA TOSCANA (online enabling of the student card) on the web portal  

You can check the address you provided on the section RECAPITO DOCUMENTI (Document Delivery), accessing your personal area on Alice web portal and entering/changing the address for the delivery of your student card. Please select at the top right menu the “Anagrafica” section and check if the temporary and permanent address details are correct. If you ask the delivery of the student card to your temporary address which is different from your permanent one, please detail your complete temporary address and select “Domicilio” (Temporary Address) in the Section “Recapiti” (Delivery), “Spedizione documenti presso” (Document Delivery to). Cards will be sent ONLY to (temporary or permanent) addresses in Italy.

Please check if your surname is specified on the front door at the address provided, otherwise the card cannot be delivered by the post office and will return to the Matricolandosi Center in Pisa: in the event of returned cards for non-delivery/incorrect/unknown address you will be contacted by e-mail.

UNIPI students enrolled in a Master’s Degree programme of the University of Pisa and students transferring from other universities must submit no requests. Please check the relevant webpage.

If you applied on the Gepaco web portal to switch to another study programme of the University of Pisa, your University ID number and booklet would not change. The Student office will email you to inform about the study programme change procedure.

For study programmes including an internship transcript, it will be sent to the address provided on the ‘document delivery’ section of the Alice web portal, or delivered to your relevant Department’s Student Office. Students enrolled in Medicine and Surgery Study Programme a.y. 2020/21, will receive by mail the internship transcript in May 2021.

After the switch to another study programme has been completed on the virtual desk, you can require your traineeship transcript, if applicable If you enrolled in a previous academic year, you would keep the same University booklet and on the Gepaco web portal you can print the label of the new study programme and stick it on the second page of your booklet.

For further information:

The “STUDENTE DELLA TOSCANA” card, as a proof of your enrollment at the University for the Erasmus+ mobility period, will provide you with discounts and special conditions (i.e. conventions with cinemas, museums and exhibitions) even outside Tuscany, in Italy or abroad.

How to get your Student Card

Please check out the relevant webpage.

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