International students

Enrolment procedures differ according to the student’s qualification (Italian or foreign title) and citizenship

Students with Italian qualifications

They have to follow the same enrolment procedures as Italian students, regardless the student’s citizenship

Visit the enrolment page

Students with qualifications obtained abroad

Students with foreign qualifications, regardless of their citizenship, must submit online all the required documents (photo, ID, foreign qualification, declaration of value or Eric-Naric certificate): to be uploaded and validated for enrolment.

Upon their arrival in Pisa, non-EU students must upload their residence permit, which is not mandatory during the registration on the Alice web portal.

Students applying for a VISA must pay the first instalment of the tuition fees by 29 February 2024, with no late-payment extra charge.

For the student card issuance, please check the ‘CARTA DEL STUDENTE’ webpage on this web portal.

If requested by the degree programme, by February 2024 the traineeship booklet will be sent to the Italian address the students provided on the section “Recapito Documenti” (Document Delivery).

  • Italian citizenship
    Italian citizens with qualifications obtained abroad
  • European citizenship
    EU citizens, from the European Economic Area, the Swiss Federation, and non-EU citizens with a residency permit, with qualifications obtained abroad
  • Non-EU citizenship
    Non-EU citizens with residency outside of Italy and qualifications obtained abroad
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