Animal breeding techniques and dog training

The Degree Program in Animal Breeding Techniques and Dog Training has a limited access.

To find out more about study plans and career opportunities, please visit the Study program webpage.

In order to enrol, students must pass a selection procedure.

The call for the academic year 2022/2023 has been published.

45 places for EU and equated non EU citizens (Law Decree 25 July 1998, n. 286, art. 39, subpar. 5)

5 places for non EU citizens residing abroad and applying for VISA (2 reserved to Marco Polo Project candidates)

Registration opening: 11 July 2022

Sign up or log in to the Alice portal by 2 September 2022 (at 12:00 noon):

  1. To sign up please insert details about your Health Insurance card (tessera sanitaria) and your tax code (codice fiscale)
  2. Upload a scanned copy of your ID and a passport-sized photo
  3. Once you entered your personal area, please select “Secretariat” and then “Admission Test”
  4. Once the registration is completed, a receipt of registration to the admission test with a unique number will be available
  5. Please remember to attend the TOLC-AV test by 2 September 2022

In order to be included in the ranking it is necessary to have attended the in-presence TOLC-AV Test, provided by CISIA, by 2 September 2022.

The Test must be taken in “in presence” mode, in university classrooms in one of the authorised locations, according to the methods and schedule published on the CISIA website.

The TOLC-AV may be taken more than once; in any case, the result of the test with the highest score, taken between 1 January 2022 and 2 September 2022, will be considered valid for selection purposes. The results of the TOLC are automatically acquired by the university.

A merit ranking will be formulated based on the overall score obtained in the TOLCAV performed in presence.

The Tests will consist of a multiple-choice test with a total number of 50 questions, each with several possible answers of which only one is correct, divided into several sections:

  • Biology – 8 questions – time available: 16 minutes
  • Chemistry – 8 questions – time available: 16 minutes
  • Physics – 8 questions – time available: 16 minutes
  • Mathematics – 8 questions – time available: 16 minutes
  • Logic – 8 questions – time available: 16 minutes
  • Verbal comprehension – 10 questions (2 passages) – time available: 20 minutes

For each question, the following is awarded
– 1 point for each correct answer
– minus 0.25 (- 0.25) points for each incorrect answer;
– 0 points for each omitted answer.

In the event of a tie, the younger candidate will prevail.

The admission test is passed if the student obtains a score of 12 or higher (threshold for admission).

Those who are placed in a useful position with reference to the relative number of places available will be declared successful.

Ranking list

Enrolment guide

The deadline for enrolment is indicated in the ranking list or in the ranking scroll.

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