The Italian University System

The university system foresees three cycles:

  • First cycle and single cycle degree programmes: Bachelor’s degree, single cycle degree
  • Second cycle degree programmes: Master’s Degree
  • Third Cycle programme: PhD programmes and Specialisation Schools

The University of Pisa provides also professional courses (first level and second level masters) and Advanced Courses.

First cycle, single cycle and second cycle degree programmes

Admission requirements

For the enrollment to first cycle and single cycle degree programmes the specific requirements are:

  • five-year Secondary school diploma
  • four-year Secondary school diploma with additional year. If the Secondary School issuing the diploma does not provide for additional year, please contact the Student Office
  • valid foreign qualification

Degree programmes of the University of Pisa

For the enrolment to Second cycle degree programmes the requirements are:

  • first cycle degree
  • university degree
  • qualifications issued by Academy of fine Arts, National Dance Academy, National Academy of Dramatic Art, Higher Institutes for Art industries, Music Conservatories, Recognized Music Institutes ( as provided for prior Law n. 508 of 21 December 1999) along with Secondary School diploma
  • valid foreign qualification.

Admission procedures

The Degree Programmes can have a limited access (at local or National level) or an open access. The enrolment is in two steps:

  • admission requirements assessment
  • enrolment.

How to enrol in a first cycle or single cycle degree program with open access

How to enrol in a first cycle or single cycle degree program with limited access

Requirements assessment

For first cycle or single cycle degree programmes with limited access (at local or National level) or with open access the assessment of personal skills is required to define the additional learning requirements (Obblighi Formativi Aggiuntivi – OFA) to be fulfilled within the first year of degree programme. Many degree programmes with limited access at local level provide the online test CISIA (TOLC) as a required qualification for the admission test. No further tests are required and the ranking list is based on the TOLC scores according to the selection criteria of the admission call. For second cycle degree programmes specific personal skills and curriculum positive assessment are required for the enrolment. If the degree programme has a limited access, registration to the admission test is required to fall within the available places and the personal skills assessment is included in the admission test.

How to enrol in a second cycle degree programme

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