Simultaneous enrolment in two different university programmes

From the A.Y. 2022/2023 it’s possible to enrol in two higher education programmes simultaneously as required by Law no. 33 of 22 April 2022, with the procedures governed by the subsequent Ministerial Decree no. 933 of 29 July 2022.

What can be done

It’s possible to enrol simultaneously in a maximum of two higher education programmes of the same university or belonging to universities, schools or higher institutes with special regulations, including foreign ones, as specified below.

Possibility of double registration allowed

  • two Bachelor’s degree Programmes not belonging to the same degree class
  • two Master’s or Long-Cycle degree Programmes not belonging to the same degree class
  • a Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree Programme or a Long-Cycle degree Programme
  • a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree Programme, a PhD or a One-year specialisation Programme or a Specialisation School not in the Health sector
  • two One-year specialisation Programmes as long as they are different
  • a PhD programme and a Medical Specialisation School – for this case, art. 7 of Ministerial Decree 226/2021
  • a PhD programme and a non Medical Specialisation School
  • a One-year specialisation Programme and a Specialisation School (Health and non Health sector)
  • a PhD programme and a One-year specialisation Programme

General rules

  • In the case of simultaneous enrollment in two Bacherlor’s degree, Master’s degree or Long-Cycle degree Programmes, even at several universities, schools or higher institutes with special organization, these must not belong to the same degree class and must differ for at least two thirds of the training activities.
  • In order to enroll in two different study programmes, it is mandatory to have qualifications and access requirements required by the national legislation and by the  educational regulations of the university and of each programme.
  • In the event that one of the two programmes has the compulsory attendance, the enrollment in the second programme is permitted only if it doesn’t have attendance requirements for activities other than laboratory and internship activities.
  • In the case of the enrollment in two limited access programmes, the student must be placed in a useful position in the rankings of both programmes.

Right to study

  • The benefits for the right to study are provided for a single enrollment.
  • The student with simultaneous enrollment in two programmes identifies only one of the two as a reference for accessing the benefits provided by the right to study, for the entire period of simultaneous enrollment, in only one of the administrative offices, if they are different. The student already enrolled in a programme in years subsequent to the first cannot identify the second enrollment as a reference for the purposes of the benefits provided by the right to study.
  • For the purpose of the increase of 20% of the amount of the scholarship, provided by the legislation for students enrolled in two programmes at the same time, the student must maintain the merit requirements set out in the aforementioned decree for both programmes in which he is enrolled.

Full yearly contribution

The full yearly contribution will be determined separately for the two programmes the student is enrolled in according to the type of programme and the number of years of enrollment in the programme, based on the Student Contribution Regulations.

In the presence of the requirements set out in the Regulations on student contributions, the student can request total or partial exemption from the payment of the full yearly contribution for both enrollments.

In case of double enrollment, the annual regional tax will be paid only once. In case of exemption from the payment of the same for the enjoyment of the scholarship for the right to study, the exemption also is applied to the second enrollment until the DSU scholarship is maintained.

Declarations for enrolment in two programmes

  • The student who intends to take advantage of the double enrolment must annually submit a declaration in which he expresses his intention to enrol in a second programme and self-certify that he possesses the necessary requirements.
  • In case of enrollment in programmes at two different universities, this declaration must be presented at both institutions.
  • The same declaration must also be submitted in the event that there is a course change within the same university or a course transfer between different universities.


Enrollment in a second course of study at the University of Pisa is allowed only on condition that the student is in compliance with the contributory position.

The procedures for double enrollment in different programmes will be soon available on the Alice portal.

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