Mechanical engineering

The Degree Program in Mechanical Engineering has a limited access.

In order to enroll, students must pass a selection.

You can apply for the selection test even if not having obtained the High School Diploma yet.

To apply for selection the TOLC-I is not mandatory.

First session: from 1 July 2020 (at 8 am) to 27 July 2020 (at 12 am)

Second session: from 7 August 2020 (at 8 am) to 7 September 2020 (at 12 am)

Third session: from 18 September (at 8 am) to 5 October 2020 (at 12 am)

The second and the third sessions will take place only if vacancies are left after the previous sessions.

220 places for EU and equated non EU citizens (11 reserved to students of Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies)

10 places for non EU citizens residing abroad and applying for VISA (2 reserved to Marco Polo Project candidates)

Sign up or log in to the Alice portal by the admission exam registration deadline:

  1. In order to sign up you will be asked to insert details about your Health Insurance card (tessera sanitaria) and your tax code (codice fiscale)
  2. You will have to upload a scanned copy of your Identity Document and a passport-sized photograph
  3. Once you entered your personal area, please select “Secretariat” and then “Admission Test”
  4. Once you have completed the registration, a receipt of registration to the admission test with a unique number will be available
  5. Please remember to insert your High school final grade by the admission exam registration deadline (in the menu, at the State Exams section)

  • For EU citizens and non EU equated citizens

The ranking list will be based on the High School final exam mark.

In case of equality, candidates will prevail under the following order:

  1. Higher math mark in the High School last year (expressed in tenths);
  2. Higher math mark in the High School second last year (expressed in tenths);
  3. Higher math mark in the High School third last year (expressed in tenths);
  4. Application to admission test submitted before.

For the first session only, the ranking list will include those candidates with a High School final exam mark of 80/100.

As for the final High School exam mark, we will proceed as follows:

  1. If the final mark is not expressed in hundredths, it will be converted into hundredths on the basis of minimum and maximum grade;
  2. If the final mark is expressed only with an evaluation, it will be converted into hundredths on the basis of minimum and maximum grade;
  3. If the final exam is not accompanied by any mark or evaluation, on the admission test online procedure the candidate will have to enter the average of the last year marks that will be converted into hundredths. The average calculation will include only those subjects with a numerical assessment.
  • Non EU citizens residing abroad and applying for VISA

These candidates will be accepted in order of application submission.

The initial skills assessment and the possibility of additional learning requirement (OFA) will be decided in accordance with Regolamento sull’accesso agli studi ai Corsi di Laurea coordinati dalla Scuola di Ingegneria dell’Università di Pisa.

Specifically, to enroll without OFA students must attend on online evaluation test provided by CISIA and named TOLC-I test or TOLC@CASA, obtaining a score not inferior to 8/20 in the math section.

The TOLC-I test includes, besides Math, Logic, comprehension, Science and English that are not decisive for OFA purposes. We recommend students to take all the test sections that will help for self-evaluation and find specific skill gaps.

Students without TOLC-I test or with TOLC-I math score under 8/20 will enroll with OFA and will be exceptionally admitted to exams in a.y. 2020-2021.

In order to take the second year exams in a.y. 2021-2022, Students enrolled with OFA are required to settle them participating to the TOLC-I test or TOLC@CASA provide by CISIA to obtain a score not inferior to 8/20 in the math section, or obtaining a positive result in the Math and Physic section exams of the study programs of the School of Engineering. If the exams are taken in other study programs, the OFA evaluation is provided by the relevant study program.

Please find more details about study programmes  and career opportunities at Degree Program web page.