Management and law of logistics systems

The Degree Program in Management and law of logistics systems has an open access.

In order to attend the course, students must take a non-selective evaluation test to verify the initial preparation level.

This test can be taken even after the enrolment completion. Here you can find the evaluation test information.

Please find more details about study programs and career opportunities at Degree Program web page.

How to enroll

Enter your personal data on Alice portal.

Your Tax code will be asked first.

After signing up, you can choose:

  • Standard enrollment;
  • Degree program shortening (in the event of a university degree already obtained);
  • Relocation from another University.

The procedure will request:

  • ID scanned copy
  • passport-sized photo (please check size)
  • High school diploma details (Secondary School Name, year, final mark).

Students with a foreign qualification are required to upload:

  • Declaration of Value (DV) issued by the Italian Diplomatic Authorities in their home country, along with the official translation into Italian of the diploma, legalised (or with an “apostille”) and validated, OR, the ENIC-NARIC certificate is accepted in Italian Language. These documents should attest at least 12 years of schooling and the relevant qualification should allow the access to higher education.

For Degree Program shortening the obtained University degree will be required. For Relocation from another University previous university career will be required from the other university.

At the end of procedure please print and sign the FORIM to complete enrollment and upload it on the Alice portal in the Career section annexes.

Students with special needs

Students with handicap under art. 3 Italian Law no. 104/1992 or with a certified disability equal or above 66% are required to upload a medical certificate attesting their health condition for university tuition fees exemption (duty stamp is required anyway).

Some special categories under art. 1.1.2 lett. d) e) and art.1.1.3 lett. c) of the Regulations on Tuition fees (such as Italian government scholarship holders, competition winners, detained subjects ) shall email to for a specific calculation of tuition fees.

Without DSU scholarship application

If not applying for DSU scholarship, after choosing your program you are required to pay the first installment of tuition fees. First installment deadline is 30 September 2020.

After this deadline enrollment will be possible with a late payment as follows:

  1. € 50.00 by 2 November 2020
  2. € 100.00 by 30 November 2020
  3. € 150.00 by 31 December 2020

After 31 December 2020 enrollment won’t be allowed.

Please note: International students with a foreign qualification applying for Visa are allowed to pay the first installment by 1 February 2021.

With DSU scholarship application

If applying for DSU scholarship, the first tuition fees installment shall be delayed to 1 February 2021: scholarship winners shall not pay the tuition fees but only € 16.00 for duty stamp.

After payment or choosing your program within 2 working days you will receive the confirm by email and on Alice portal in the NOTE section the message ENROLLED 2020/21 will be displayed.

After tuition fee payment (or alternatively after scholarship application) you are required to upload the FORIM signed on both 2 pages in the Career section annexes of Alice portal. This document will be checked by the Matricolandosi Centre along with your ID card.

A welcome message will be emailed to your personal account and on Alice portal in the NOTE section the message ENROLLED 2020/21 will
be displayed until your documents (FORIM, ID card) will be checked by the administration office.

Your Student card will be mailed to the address indicated on your enrollment application from 1 September 2020 onwards and within 30 days from enrollment completion.

Students with foreign qualification, regardless to their citizenship, are required to email to to submit all relevant documents and collect the STUDENT CARD and the traineeship booklet required for some courses.

For Degree Program shortening the previous university career will be recognized after submitting to the Students Office the “qualifications recognition” form with the annexed self certification of all exams.

For Relocation from another University the Students Office will confirm you the acceptance of the discharge papers from the university of origin.

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