Alternative health care for students residing outside the region and who do not move their health domicile

Starting from the A.Y. 2022/23, the University of Pisa, in collaboration with the North West Tuscany USL (USL Toscana nord ovest) and with the General Practitioners (Medici di Medicina Generale) of Pisa, has introduced an important novelty that will be of interest to all students not resident in the Tuscany Region and who decide not to move their health domicile to Pisa.

Those who find themselves in the situation described will be able, if they wish and by contributing a very modest sum of money, to take advantage of a health care service from a doctor in the area of Pisa, while being able to keep the treating doctor chosen in the place of residence.

The service provides that upon joining, and after having paid the expected contribution (€15 for the entire A.Y. 2022/23), the student can choose one of the general practitioners of the Pisan territory who have joined the service and on where he will find all the information before making the choice.

Subsequently, in case of need, the student can go to the doctor indicated by him and carry out free visits, both outpatient and at home. The possibility of modifying the doctor’s choice will also be given in a simple way and with an exclusively telematic procedure.

All students who are entitled to join the initiative will receive a notice via the Educational Agenda portal (portale Agenda Didattica), which will allow them to register or renew their membership in the service in a very simple way.

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