The Bachelor’s Degree Program in Management for Business and Economics is of limited access. 

Call for applications 2019/2020

The admission process will be organized into two sessions:

Session Application Opening date Application Deadline Ranking list publication Enrolment
I 22nd of January 2019 29th of March 2019 h. 12 15th of April 2019 From the 25th of July to the 30th of August 2019
II 16th of April 2019  5th of September 2019 h. 12 12thof September 2019 20th of September 2019

The second session will take place if unassigned places remain after the publication of
the first session ranking list.

No admissions will be accepted after the above deadlines.


To be part of the rankings you must:

1)Register on the website by 12.00 of the session’s deadline.
During the application, candidates are required to:


  • Upload online any eventual English Language certification (B2, C1, C2 or further level) by 00.00 am of the session deadline day. If the certification is not uploaded, it will not be assessed.
    Only online applications on the dedicated online portal will be considered.


2) Take one of the following tests by 00.00 AM of the session’s deadline day:

  • TOLC-E in the English Language provided from the a.y.2015/2016 by the CISIA Consortium in one of its approved venues as scheduled on the CISIA website, to be completed by 00.00 am of the
    session’s deadline;


  • TOLC-E in the Italian Language with the English Language Section provided from the a.y. 2015/2016 by the CISIA Consortium in one of its approved venues during the established periods as scheduled on the CISIA website, to be completed by 00.00 am of the session’s deadline ;



3. Register on the web portal Alice  by 00.00 am of the session’s deadline day.

4. Wait for the publication of the rankings and, if you are successful, complete your enrolment.