“Matricolandosi” is the portal used by the University of Pisa to enrol its students. From this portal you can start the process to enrol in degree programmes with open access or register in a public selection process (concorso) to compete to enter in a degree programme with limited places. You can also sign up to take the evaluation tests required by certain open access degree programmes as well as review information for international students. From the side menu, you can access several options. Choose the one you are interested in and follow the instructions.

The Enrolment (Matricolandosi) Centre, Welcome International Students! (WIS!)
desk is on largo Bruno Pontecorvo 3, open from August to October 2015  from 9am to 12pm

For more information:

-If you are in Italy you can call our toll free number 800 018600 available every day of the week (8am-9pm)
-e-mail: international@unipi.it

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