Vaccination campaign for university students

The Tuscan Regional Government – Regione Toscana, the Universities and all the Higher Education Institutes in Tuscany are working to guarantee the vaccination access or completion, if already undertaken, to all enrolled and perspective students, regardless of their origin (including international students or students from other Italian regions).

The purpose is to set up a specific channel for interested students to access vaccination, approximately starting from the end of August / beginning of September 2021.

This survey will collect data ANONYMOUSLY in compliance with the personal data protection regulations with the aim of providing an approximative number of interested people.

Please enter your registration credentials used on the Alice web portal to access the survey available at the following links:

If enrolling: (questionnaire submission deadline: Thursday 30 September, 24:00)

If already enrolled: (questionnaire submission deadline: Thursday 8 September, 24:00)

Please note that the personal credentials required to fill in the form have the sole purpose of preventing an interested party from sending multiple surveys.

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