Freshmen Welcome Tutoring for academic year 2020/201

Throughout the first semester of academic year 2020/2021, the University of Pisa provides  students enrolled in the first year of bachelor’s and  single-cycle degree programmes with a  “welcome tutoring” project,  specifically designed to help freshmen to enter their university life.

How does it work?

Class sizes up to  a maximum of 30 students will be arranged for each degree programme.

The “welcome tutoring” will schedule “remote” meetings once or twice a week for each class, up to a maximum of 3 hours per week.

The classes will be entrusted to tutors (from 1 to 4); one of the tutors will be the key referent to whom freshmen could address their specific requests even beyond the scheduled meetings.

The first meetings will introduce students to the University and its services (including social services) and, particularly, will allow freshmen to get acquainted.

The following meetings will aim at strengthening students’ educational background and supporting in the study of new subjects. To promote sociality and mutual understanding, there won’t be additional lectures but collective debates on the results of activities carried out individually or in small groups.

Who are the tutors

The tutors will mainly be senior students, but could also be doctoral students, postgraduates (except for those of the medical area) or teachers.

Find out the “Welcome Tutoring of your Degree Programme

Each Department and School will arrange its individual relevant “welcome tutoring” activities:

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