The Industrial Design Engineering Bachelor’s degree course’s access is limited.

The following tests are valid: the TOLC-I starting from 2018 or the paper test from the CISIA Consortium or the Test Interno Telematico (TIT) of the University of Pisa’s School of Engineering.

The selection process takes place over three sessions.

Session Start of registration for
End of registration for selection Publication of the rankings Deadline for the completion of enrolment
I 20th of May 2019 19th of July 2019, at 12.00 pm 25th of July 2019 1st of August 2019
II 2nd of August 2019 10th of September 2019, at 12.00 pm 17th of September 2019 20th of September 2019
III 23rd of September 2019 4th of October 2019, at 12.00 pm 11th of October 2019 16th of October 2019

To participate you must:

1.Register for the TOLC-I test and sit the exam on the day and at the time selected, following the procedure and calendar published on the CISIA websitebefore 00:00 pm on the deadline for each sessionFor the purposes of this announcement, the TOLC-I is valid as of February 2018. Remember that you can take it several times (maximum once per calendar month). In case of more than one TOLC-I tests taken, the one with the highest score will be taken into consideration in the Mathematics section.

For participation in the third session, the Testo Interno Telematico (TIT) of the University of Pisa’s School of Engineering, which will take place in September 2019, is also valid. The registration procedures and further details are published on the website of School of Engineering.


2.Register for the selection process on the Alice portal, before 00:00 pm on the day of the deadline for each session (The GUIDE contains all the information regarding the enrolment procedure)

The results of the TOLC-I are acquired automatically by the university.

3.Wait for the publication of the rankings and, if you are successful, complete the enrolment process before 00:00 pm on the deadline set out for each session.


You can find all the information in the call for applications 2019/2020 (in Italian only).