Long single-cycle Master’s degree programme in Pharmacy (LM-13) and Pharmaceutical Chemistry And Technology (LM-13)


  1. Register at www.studenti.unipi.it (Alice portal)

To register, you must enter personal data when requested throughout the procedure. Follow the instructions and at the end of the procedure you will receive a user name and you must choose a password. As well as entering personal data, in order to be registered for the admission exam you must go into your personal area and click on ‘Enrolment for Admission Exams’.

Start registration

If you are already a student of the University of Pisa you must access the Alice portal using the user name and password you normally use for online services at the University of Pisa, and click on ‘Enrolment for Admission Exams’.


  1. Select the admission exam

You can enrol immediately after having completed the registration process: in which case you only need to follow the instructions provided at the final phase of registration. If you would like to enrol at another time, you must enter the Alice Portal using the username and password provided at the end of registration and choose the menu item “Enrolment for Admission Exams”.

The deadline to enrol is at 12.00 (noon) on the 13th September 2017.


  1. Print the MAV of the admission exam fee

At the end of the enrolment process you can print your individual MAV of the admission exam fee of 10€, that must be paid at any bank by the 13th September 2017. You can find all the information about the payment in the section titled “Admission exam fees”.

ATTENTION: Remember that according to the call for applications notice, “candidates who have not paid the admission exam fee or have not completed the payment within the deadline will be excluded from the admission exam”.

Keep in mind that sometimes online bank payments are not completed by the bank within the same day as they are submitted. Therefore, in order to avoid the risk of late payment and thus exclusion from the admission exam, it is advisable to pay directly at bank branches nearer the deadline.


  1. Take the TOLC-I test

Sign up to the TOLC-I and take it on the date and at the location you have selected, with regards to the manner and timetable published on the CISIA website by midnight of the 13th September 2017. You are reminded that it is possible to take the test more than once (but maximum once per month). If you do retake the TOLC-I test, the test with the highest score in the Mathematics section will be the one taken into account.