University booklet

Italian, EU or non EU citizens with qualifications obtained abroad (High school diploma or Degree certificate) must go to the dedicated WIS! area in the Centro Matricolandosi, in via Buonarroti n. 4, building E, Pisa.

ATTENTION: students with foreign citizenship BUT with qualifications obtained in Italy, please refer to https://matricolandosi.unipi.it/ritirolibretto/: after having completed the enrolment, the student must book an appointment using the online portal from October onwards in order to receive the booklet and student card at the Matricolandosi centre in Pisa.

Open from 26 July until 12 October 2018, Monday through Friday from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm.
Closed for summer holidays in August from 6 until 22 August 2018. 

The centre is responsible for the  completion of enrolment at the University of Pisa and provision of the exam booklet and student card.

The exam booklet is given to all enrolled students and is a means of identifying students at the university.

On the booklet are details regarding the student’s basic information, degree programme, modules taken and results from passed assessments.

The student must ensure the booklet is kept in safe and good condition and is responsible for any loss or damage.

In the case of loss of the booklet, the student must inform the the public security authority and the University immediately.



Register on the ALICE portal and follow the instructions: insert personal data, upload the photo, upload the documents required, select the degree programme, pay the enrolment fee or upload the receipt of the application for a scholarship.

 Go to the WIS! helpdesk during the opening hours with the following documents:

1.The original version and a photocopy of your High school diploma

2.Official translation into Italian of the Diploma, legalised (or with an “apostille”) and validated by the Italian authorities in your country with the Declaration of Value (DV) of your diploma (Dichiarazione di Valore)- issued by the Italian authorities in your country and which verifies that you already attended 12 years of schooling. Alternatively, you could bring the ENIC-NARIC certificate. Please include a photocopy.

3.A Photocopy of a valid ID

4.A Scanned copy of the residency permit or of the postal Office receipt declaring that you already applied for the Residency Permit   (for no-EU citizens)

5.The MAV payment receipt for the first instalment of the tuition fees or the receipt of your DSU scholarship application, in case you meet the requirements. After 1 October 2018, it will be necessary to include the penalty fees due to late enrolment. 

If you need more info, please contact the WIS! (Welcome International Students)

Email: international@unipi.it