Degree programmes which require this test

Banking, Finance and Financial Markets (BFM-L)
Business Studies (EAZ-L)
Economics and Commerce (ECO-L)

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How to enrol

Topics of the Test Logic, mathematics, reading comprehension, , English language

Details about the test The test lasts a total of 105 minutes and is made up of 46 questions divided into the following areas:

  1. Logic: 13 questions
  2. Mathematics: 13 questions
  3. Reading comprehension: 10 questions
  4. Knowledge of the English language: 10 questions

N.B The section evaluating knowledge of the English language does not count towards the determining of a final grade, which must be greater than or equal to 10.75.

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Consequences of the test results Students who fail the test will have to take supplementary course credits (OFA-1).

Students who do not pass the Admission test will therefore not be eligible to take any exam apart from Foreign Language exams (9 credits) and Computing exams (3 credits). However, it is compulsory to pass the Admission test in order to progress with your academic career.

-Students that have enrolled having taken the test in locations outside the National Area CISIA are still obliged to take the CISIA test.

You pass the Admission test if you achieve greater or equal to 10.75.

-If you fail the test (achieving less than 10.75), you will be required to take additional supplementary credits (OFA-2).

-To make up for the additional credits, the student must take one of the exams from the first semester of the first year, General Mathematics or Business Studies I. With one of these two exams on the student’s academic record, the additional credits (OFA-2) will be dropped and the student will be able to continue with his/her academic career, with respect to his/her pre-requisites.

-Students lacking in academic credits who were not able to make up for the OFA-2 at the end of the winter exam period, will have the possibility to retake the Admission test (between February-March).

-Enrolled students who have not made up for OFA-2 by passing the exams nor the retakes cannot take the Admission test again in any future sessions. If the student disregards this exclusion from the test, any registration on the TOLC-E will be deemed void and it will not be possible to take the Admission test. The Economics and Management Department reserves the right to carry out any necessary action, in collaboration with CISIA and the Student Affairs Office.

-Students lacking in academic credits are invited to attend integration courses of General Mathematics and/or Business Studies I, to support their preparation.

-Students at the beginning of the second semester in the first year that have not yet made up for a lack of OFA-2 academic credits, will not be able to take any ongoing tests.

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