Evaluation test for degree programmes in:

Law (LMG-01);

Business, Work and Administrative Legal Services (L-14)

This test is compulsory for candidates interested in pursuing:

-a Long single cycle degree programme in Law (LMG-01)

-a Bachelor’s degree programme in Business, Work and Administrative Legal Services (L-14)

All students intending to enrol in one of these two degree programmes have to take the entrance evaluation test, including those who passed the admission exams at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna.

Who is exempt from taking the test?
Students who are already enrolled in, or have graduated from, a Bachelor’s degree programme of type ex DM 509/99, ex DM 270/04 or in degree programmes subject to previous regulations and who are asking for either a transfer between degree programmes or for a transfer from another university or for a reduced course load.

The test is identical for both degree programmes. Students are responsible for taking one test.

In order to take the test, there is no need to already be enrolled in the degree programme, i.e.: enrolment can be completed after having taken the test. Either way, the student needs to sign up to the test according to the instructions below.

Date, time and location of test
1st SESSION: 19th September 2017 at 9:30am, at the Polo didattico Porta Nuova, Via Padre Fedi – corner with Via Leonardo Da Vinci.

For information on the names of candidates who will take the test in the morning or afternoon shift as well as on the exact time, please check the Law department’s website http://web.jus.unipi.it/ in the days leading up to the date of the test.

Deadline to sign up to the test

14th September at 12.00pm noon.

You will be able to sign up to the test starting on 27th July 2017

How to sign up
Online registration

Registration consists of entering your personal details into the Alice portal.  When you have finished the system will give you a user name and a password.

While you do this, keep your tax code (codice fiscale) and I.D. card handy. Once you have entered your personal details, the system will automatically check the tax code and make sure it is correct: if it turns out to be incorrect, check if other personal details such as place and date of birth are correct.

If the system realizes that your tax code already exists, it means that you have already registered. You will have to recover your previous user name and password.
In order to take the test, it is not enough to just type in your personal details: you will then need to click on “Sign up to the evaluation test”

Start the registration

Sign up to the evaluation test
After you have registered your personal details, click on the label titled “Sign up to the evaluation test” then choose the test which corresponds to the degree programme you are interested in.

If you prefer to sign up at a different moment from when you register, you may do so but will still need to type in the user name and password given to you when you registered.

Note: even if you have already enrolled at the University, it is necessary to do the online registration and sign up to the test.

In order to take the test, you must pay 20 € to cover administrative costs. Please do so using the customized MAV payment form which can be printed after you sign up to the test.
You can also print the MAV following these instructions:
-visit www.studenti.unipi.it, click on “Login” and type in your username and password which were given to you after you registered
-choose the menu label titled “Tuition Fees”
-click on the icon which corresponds to the test you have signed up for

You can pay the MAV at any bank.

What to bring on the day of the test
In order to take the test, you must bring a valid photo I.D. (such as your passport), the university booklet -if already enrolled- and receipt of having paid the test fee.

Details about the test
The test consists of 40 multiple-choice questions of which:

-20 are based on aptitude, relevant to the areas which the students will come across in their degree programme (10 questions on text comprehension, 5 about logic and elementary mathematical concepts  to evaluate their problem solving abilities and 5 about knowledge of specific aspects of the Italian language)
-20 are about general culture, particularly historic areas, philosophy, economy and civic education.

Test duration
The time allotted to complete the test is 45 minutes

Consequences of the results

In the case of failing this test, the student will have an oral test on one of the following texts:

  1. Grossi, Prima lezione di diritto, Laterza, 2011
    G. Zagrebelsky, Imparare democrazia, Torino, Einaudi, 2007 (rist. 2011)
    S. Rodotà, Diritti e libertà nella storia d’Italia. Conquiste e conflitti 1861-2011, Roma, Donzelli, 2011

The test results will be published on the following website:


Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna
Candidates who have passed the admission exam at the Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna are not exempt from taking the evaluation test.