Degree programmes which require this test

Digital Humanities

Date, time, location of test
14th September 2017, 10am at Polo L. Fibonacci, Largo Bruno Pontecorvo, 3, Pisa
Students are asked to arrive at least one hour before the test begins.

Deadline to sign up to the test
7th September 2017, by 12.00 noon.
You will be able to sign up to the test starting on 27th July 2017

How to sign up
Visit the Alice portal, click on ‘Sign up to an Evaluation Test’ and then on “Evaluation Test for Humanities; Digital Humanities”

In order to take the test, you must pay 20€  to cover administrative costs. Please do so using the customized MAV payment form which can be printed after you sign up to the test.
You can also print the MAV following these instructions:

-visit, click on “Login” and type in your username and password which were given to you after you registered
-choose the menu label titled “Tuition Fees”
-click on the icon which corresponds to the test you have signed up for

You can pay the MAV at any bank.

What to bring on the day of the test
In order to take the test, you must bring a valid photo I.D. (such as your passport), the university booklet -if already enrolled- and receipt of having paid the test fee.

Details about the test
The test consists of 50 multiple-choice questions, with one of five possible answers being correct. The questions will be arranged in the following manner:

10 comprehension questions about a literary text

10 comprehension questions about an essay text

10 comprehension questions about a journalistic or advertising text

10 questions related to the knowledge gained at High School

10 questions based on critical and logical reasoning

You will have 100 minutes to sit the test.

For the degree programme in Digital Humanities, there are an additional 10 questions on mathematical-logical reasoning, making the total length of the test 120 minutes.
You will receive 1 point for every correct answer, zero points if you do not answer and you will lose 0.25 points if your answer is incorrect.

Other useful information

For students in the Humanities degree programme, failing the test will mean the student does not possess the minimum number of credits. However, the Academic board of the degree programme will inform each student of any knowledge gaps present in the student’s test and provide information on what to do about these gaps.

For students in the Digital Humanities degree programme, those who are not eligible for the test must attend a preliminary course that will run from the 18th to the 22nd September 2017 as well as the instructions which will follow from the lecturers. The lessons during the preliminary course will focus on linguistic skills, or logical-mathematical skills or both. An alternative solution to make up the disparity in credits will be found for students who are unable to attend the course.

Students who pass the admission exam at the Scuola Normale Superiore are exempt from taking the Evaluation Test.
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