Dining Hall service

To access the dining halls, you must be in possession of the multipurpose bank and university card “Cartapiù” which is a magnetic card given to you along with the university booklet at the Enrolment office, after having completed the online enrolment procedure and having made an appointment made using the virtual desk from 2nd October, 2017.

This card can be used as an identification document within the University and gives you the access to university facilities such as the canteen and the library to loan books.

This magnetic card must be activated online by visiting the following website:https://ricarichiamoci.dsu.toscana.it/. You may also do so by going to the offices designated as “Uffici tessera mensa” and showing it along with either your University booklet or with your receipt of enrolment.

All pertinent information regarding applicable rates and the request for a reduction on the dining hall rates is published on the following webpage: http://www.dsu.toscana.it/servizi/ristorazione/

Please keep in mind that only in specific cases, the Cartapiù card could also be used as a debit or credit card if you activate it with the Banca di Pisa. For more information, you can also write to cartapiu@bancadipisa.it

In case of loss, theft, or if your ‘Cartapiù’ no longer works:

(If activated as a credit card), the holder must submit a duplicate request to the bank.

(If not activated as a credit card), the holder must follow the link provided https://cartapiu.bancapisaweb.it/cose-cartapiu/

 DSU Dining Hall contact information in Pisa
Piazza dei Cavalieri, 6
tel 050 567397 – 441 – 462 – 463

Dining Hall a Pisa